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u glisten dispositivo portátil cuidado contorno ojos
  • u glisten dispositivo portátil cuidado contorno ojos


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Portable device for daily eye contour care./ P>

U-Glisten is an easy-to-use portable device that, thanks to the micro-vibration and the heat it generates, helps prevent and reduce eye bags, dark circles and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With a light and elegant design, it is intended for the daily care of the eye contour.

TheImprove the appearance of the eye contour effectively!


The effectiveness of U-GLISTEN is due to the mechanisms of micro-vibration and heat, and to its modern design and easy to use. It is important to know that U-GLISTEN is CE certified according to the requirements specified by the European Union.

  • MODE 1 The micro-vibration system is activated with 7000 vibrations per minute. This mode has the function of massage on the skin thanks to the micro-vibration, activating its circulation and avoiding the fatigue of the same. In addition, it produces a renewing effect and gives the skin a firmer and more elastic appearance.
  • MODE 2 Micro-vibration system with 13000 vibrations per minute, in addition to activating the 45oC heat system. This mode has the lifting function thanks to the added heat function, combining the signs produced by age, in addition to the functions described in mode 1. Ul>

U-GLISTEN has a modern design, easy to use and ergonomic, designed especially for the eye contour area, So that its application in that area of ??the face is simple and comfortable. In addition, the U-GLISTEN head is made from surgical steel, as well as the silicone used, so no adverse reactions should appear in allergic skin to certain metals.

BENEFITS OF U-GLISTENU-Glisten employs an innovative technology to ensure effective everyday care of the eye contour, which is achieved thanks to its two operating systems and ergonomic design. Their regular use generates important benefits, namely:

REDUCE EYES AND EYE BAGSThanks to its advanced technology and its micro-vibration system, with massage effect, and its heat system, with lifting effect, U-GLISTEN helps to reduce dark circles and eye bags. This is because the use of the device improves circulation and tone in the musculature, in addition to causing an increase in elasticity.

PREVENT THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES AND LINES OF EXPRESSION Thanks to the benefits of using U-GLISTEN described above, and to the heat system that provides a lifting effect, this device also contributes to the prevention and / or reduction of wrinkles and lines of expression of the eye contour area .

IMPROVES THE ABSORPTION OF U-GLISTEN MOISTURIZING CREAM Improves the absorption of the different moisturizers existing in the market, because it stimulates the skin and theOpening of the pores; Since the action of the vibration causes that the amount of cream extends more optimally.



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