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iriscup copa mestrual rosa pequeña
  • iriscup copa mestrual rosa pequeña

COPA Iriscup mestrual ROSA SMALL

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Iriscup is the most innovative and healthy to use disposable tampons and sanitary alternative. P>

Iriscup is a reusable menstrual cup that fits perfectly to the vaginal walls collecting menstrual flow instead of absorbing it, without losses, without altering the vaginal mucosa and without preventing natural lubrication.

Iriscup is made of silicone Surgical (100% Platinum Silicone), safer and biocompatible material that can come into contact with our bodies, because we will not cause any reaction (such as an allergy or inflammation).

Iriscup menstrual cup is also the most economical use of other disposable products, as their strength allows use for about 10 years alternative. Its cost is amortized over 6 months.

Iriscup is an environmentally friendly alternative, since for manufacturing materials not contribute to deforestation and deforestation are used.

In its manufacturing process no bleaches are used as chlorine, which generate dioxins that contaminate water, air, land and easily stored in our fat cells. Thanks to its long life generates less waste than tampons and pads (each year are discarded in the world, around 45,000 million pads and tampons).

Iriscup comes in two colors and sizes to be used depending on the age and background of motherhood. P>


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