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soft tampons tampones originales love 3uds
  • soft tampons tampones originales love 3uds
  • soft tampons tampones originales love 3uds
  • soft tampons tampones originales love 3uds


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The Original Soft Tampons are ideal for those very special moments. Are imperceptible eg during foreplay almost and also have great comfort in handling: Through an advantageous flap can be introduced and removed the buffer Soft easily - with just one finger! The Original Soft Tampons hygienic safety always placed first.

LI have individually packaged tampons effective now achieved perfection through permanent dermatological and clinical trials. They are made of a spongy material free of toxic and therefore environmentally clean and contains by any chemicals, so they can be discarded all kinds of internal irritations.

Arevery comfortable and pleasant to use. They stand out as being of a soft and flexible material as well as its low weight of only two grams.

Soft Tampons numerous advantages:

  • Ideal for use spermicides Li>
  • perfect adaptation to the female anatomy
  • Very comfortable and pleasant to use Li>
  • For the sauna or swimming Li>
  • Made of hygienic material Li>
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested
  • Highly absorbent Li>
  • Easy handling Li>
  • Fabracación 100% German Li>
  • Almost imperceptible to the couple during foreplay
  • No chemicals, do not pollute the environment Li>
  • Each box includes a sampleAQUAglide and a calendar of menstrual cycle

Soft-Tampons the successful combination of safety, health, wellness and fun, ideal also for very heavy menstrual flows.

tampons easy application without thread, specially designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and discretion.

Tampons have been developed according to the latest knowledge of gynecology for use in the sauna, during sport, swimming ... and hygiene in intimate relationships during menstruation.

  • Confortables.
  • Pleasant to wear.
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.
  • High absorption capacity (high liquid absorbing capacity).
  • They are not perceptible by the partner in sex. Li>

The soft structure and the rounded shape facilitates insertion of the tampon.

  • Box 3 buffers.

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