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Erection Booster Tabs

  • Stimulant d’érection à effet rapide 20 comprimés


Erection Booster Tabs is perfect to improve erections and have a harder penis. The result: a more intense and fulfilling sex life. Erection Booster Tabs are based on the following ingredients:

  • Tribulus helps to improve erectile function and sexual performance.
  • Ginseng helps to induce and improve erections.
  • Astragalus helps with blood circulation and vascular pressure. It also contributes to physical and mental well-being, thanks to its tonic and stimulating effects.
  • Ashwagandha helps to promote sexual well-being by contributing to maintain an optimal physical resistance.

Directions for use: 2 tablets, 1 h before the desired effect, with a large glass of water.

Food supplement, cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. To be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Product reserved exclusively for adult men. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, women with a personal or family history of breast cancer and people on antihypertensive or antidiabetic treatment. Store in a dry place and protected from light, heat and humidity.

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How to use the Bathmate Hydromax in the shower - YouTube

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hydromax x30 water pump

hydromax x30 water pump

2017-10-22 While using the hydromax pump it is straightforward, it can get a little messy so you should stick to your shower or bath. Simply fill the inside of the pump with water, press against your crotch and start pumping. As you pull the pump toward you, water squirts out the tip, creating a vacuum that pulls blood into your shaft to boost your size. By using water instead of air, the pump generates a much stronger suction than similar toys. As you pump, the valve allows water to leave the tube while preventing air from leaking inside.

Can I have sex or jerk off after using the bathmate?

Can I have sex or jerk off after using the bathmate?

2017-10-22 In fact, having sex after a bathmate session is one of the best things you can do with your life. You are welcome to take your inflated size into the bedroom and share it with your partner. If bathmate did nothing else accept give a temporary pump to use for sex, I would still recommend it wholeheartedly, the post-bathmate sex experience can be that play. Any more time, the condom is too small. It will take some trial and error to see how long your pre-sex bathmate session should be. You are totally encouraged to use your bathmate hydropump prior to having sex.

penis pumps

penis pumps

2017-10-22 And castle megastore® locations are independently owned and operated. This site contains descriptions and images of sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only. If you do not certify all of the above statements, you should exit this site immediately.

how to choose and use a bathmate penis pump

how to choose and use a bathmate penis pump

2017-10-22 Bathmate penis pumps use the power of water to help you achieve a bigger length and girth. Frequent use of a bathmate pump in the bath or shower leads to bigger penis, and many men report enhanced erections and increased stamina to boot. This guide explains how bathmate penis enlargers work and help you choose the best pump for your needs. As the name suggests, bath-tubs are designed to be used with water in the bath or shower. Bear in mind that your pre-pump penis size could determine which bathmate is suitable for you, so take a moment to measure your erect length from the pubic bone to the tip, and the circumference at the widest point of your penis.

bathmate hydromax x20 small hydrotherapy penis pump at lovehoney

bathmate hydromax x20 small hydrotherapy penis pump at lovehoney

2017-10-22 Using water rather than air to pressurize the chamber means the hydromax is able to exert far greater pressure than air-powered pumps, which could lead to bigger, better results. Thinking about a bathmate but not sure which to choose? annabelle knight explains the benefits of the bathmate and helps you choose the right one for you. She also demonstrates how to use a bathmate for maximum gains to your length and girth. As with all lovehoney products, it came fast and efficiently. It arrived on the day promised and was delivered in the usual plain box that was tightly sealed with tape to keep it safe.