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casino boudoir para parejas
  • casino boudoir para parejas
  • casino boudoir para parejas


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Enjoy the thrill of casino gambling with your partner / lover. The games are the same popular casinos, such as roulette, craps, blackjack and "slot" machine, but the rewards are much more intimate.

Win sensual and sexual awards during the game; redeems your chips at the end of the game, for your favorite sexual positions.

Lives and lose yourself in Las Vegas! P>

It Includes: P>

  • 1 Roulette. Li>
  • 20 standard casino chips with printed exclusive sexual positions Span>
  • 1 betting mat for? Roulette Sexy ?.
  • 1 ball. Li>
  • 1 a mat of? Craps dice for two ".
  • 2 standard dice for craps.
  • 1 red card to dial numbers. Li>
  • 1 deck of cards exclusive to the? Black-Jack Oral ?. -
  • 54 Cards for? Slots Sexy ?. -

Detailed and simple rules of the game with romantic rewards included. P>

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