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passion sales de baño y cartas de sugerencias
  • passion sales de baño y cartas de sugerencias
  • passion sales de baño y cartas de sugerencias


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Warm up your tub without using hot water !! P>

145 grams of bath salts scented Granada (5 bathrooms) and 5-card Passion (waterproof)

Each letter contains suggestions Passion and lascivious fun to take with your lover in the bathtub actions.

Perfect for use in the domestic bath or jacuzzi. P>

We should not use more than 140 grams of bath salts week in Jacuzzi. P>

It"s time to feel new experiences !!

Instructions in Spanish and English. P>

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read the current reynolds pamphlet from hamilton, page by original page

read the current reynolds pamphlet from hamilton, page by original page

2017-12-16 Alexander hamilton's affair with maria reynolds, and his subsequent hush-hush payoffs to maria's husband james, have backfired, and rumors are beginning to circulate that hamilton has been not only cheating on his wife but also illegally speculating with federal funds. Or, as it is commonly known, the Reynolds Pamphlet. A just pride with reluctance stoops to a formal vindication against is despicable to contrivance and is inclined rather to oppose to it the uniform evidence of an upright character.



2017-12-16 This year's extraordinary honors have been made remarkable within their respective fields and on the cause of justice. The multitalented miranda has redefined the narrative of the nation's founding fathers with the stirring musical hip-hop, hamilton. Along with its record-breaking ticket and cast recording, the show's including casting has made history with men and women of color playing historical characters who were all white. Beyond Broadway Success, Miranda, a former English teacher, and the producers of Hamilton are helping to improve education through a partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation.

teresa of Avila

teresa of Avila

2017-12-16 After her death, saint teresa was considered a candidate to become a national patron saint in spain. Teresa was fascinated by accounts of the lives of the saints, and ran away from home at age seven with her brother to find martyrdom among the moors. Her uncle stopped them as he was returning to the town, having spotted the two outside the town walls. These violations of the solitude absolutely essential to progress in genuine contemplative prayer grieved teresa to the extent that she longed to do something.

pop stars and their packages

pop stars and their packages

2017-10-21 The package, the parcel, the meat house, the fruit basket, the lunchbox, or just plain old junk - call it what you will but the bulging male crotch has a long and noble history in popular music. The times may have moved on, but the crotch still holds magnetic attraction to music fans. One of the reasons elvis was banned from the waist down. Jim Morrison, godfather of the modern rock packet. Here the who share some of the spotlight. Frank zappa from the zoot allures lp sleeve, enlarged. In the future every package will look like this.