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gel onagra woman potenciador 100 cc 12 unidades
  • gel onagra woman potenciador 100 cc 12 unidades


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Gel enhancer super stimulating local and intimate exclusive and very useful for today"s woman female orgasm.

Glass has active and stimulating effects of the erogenous zones and tactoreceptores and sensitizers, activators of female orgasm.

It has exciting and aphrodisiac properties. P>

Arouses sexual desire and enhances the female orgasm in quality and intensity.

The action is durable and pleasant, making sexual relations are fully satisfactory.

Highly recommended in situations where you want to get a real climax and a nice sexual relationship, or masturbating, especially in cases of frigidity, sexual apathy, in the uncomfortable and unpleasant insights and in any situation desired boost and increase sexual pleasure of women, as well as, for massages and manipulations of the erogenous zones.

A Stimulant with an optimal response of sexual pleasure.

How to Use; Spread sufficient amount of gel on the intimate zone vulvar and if desired can further enhance its action if applied in the erogenous zones, such as the chest, belly, etc. Wait a few minutes, and use this time to start fondling and games, will now be able to penetration and an early and intense climax.

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