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"the depth of penetration does not have to do with the possibility of pregnancy"

"the depth of penetration does not have to do with the possibility of pregnancy"

2018-02-26 The reader fidelis poses problems with the pill his girlfriend is taking, which in the week of rest has become the rule. It is a barbarity to have sex when the girl has a tampon inside, there can be pregnancy perfectly. During the excitement, that is to say, while the penis remains erect, the man, in his testicles, makes enough sperm to impregnate a hundred women.

Are vegetarians better in bed?

Are vegetarians better in bed?

2018-02-21 I am afraid that for more than one being a vegetarian is still synonymous with doing yoga, wearing loose and cotton clothes, running away from cosmetics like the devil himself, wearing sandals in winter and being little or nothing interested in sex. On the contrary, meat eaters are insiders, winners, good public relations and, when suppurating testosterone, they not only think often about sex, but they are better lovers.

sex shop santander

sex shop santander

2017-12-15 In our online santander sex shop you will find thousands of erotic products. Your online store where you can buy all those items you've never imagined before. You have xxx toys at really amazing prices. From vibrators, realistic penises, masturbators for him and her, and a lot of other articles.

increase the sexual potency of man

increase the sexual potency of man

2017-11-18 Sex shop dildos vibrators Chinese balls buy in the sexshop questions about the sexshop the sex shop more discreet contact the sex shop offers sex shop outlet sales. The sexual energy or masculine power is a fundamental aspect for the success of those sexual relations in which the man intervenes.

increases potency in man

2017-10-13 Increases power in man - seduction secret. Many men would like more stamina and endurance in the bedroom. This delay spray helps men stay in the moment and have longer lasting sex. How does duration spray for men work? the specially designed formula desensitizes the nerves that affect sexual sensitivity to temporarily delay climax and helping prevent premature ejac.

sperm enhancer and sperm quality improvement

2017-10-12 A recent study has shown that practicing sex on a daily basis considerably reduces the amount of damaged sperm in the sperm, although it is true that both the amount of semen and the concentration of sperm decrease when ejaculating daily. The specialists in the subject, have never agreed, if the man is more fertile or not, it is better to ejaculate frequently or not, but in one thing they have always agreed, and this is that in quantity of semen that the male produces, is directly proportional to the quantity of spermatozoa, which, what interests, is to produce more semen in the ejaculations.