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What you did not know about pleasure: how to give a genital massage of 10?

What you did not know about pleasure: how to give a genital massage of 10?

2018-03-02 Because there is a new scale of pleasure and it is about genital massage. Before reaching the tip, repeat the movement with your other hand. That is, slide one hand from the glans to the base of the limb and, before reaching the end, repeat the movement with the other hand. And, to conclude with a gold pin, it is time to stimulate directly to the glans.

massage kits

massage kits

2017-10-20 In the sex shop online love secrets you will find sex toys of the best brands and the best price. All our shipments are totally discreet and safe. Buy here your favorite erotic toys !.

erotic cosmetics

erotic cosmetics

2017-09-29 Erotic Cosmetics | Awaken all your senses - sexero mundoerotico. Buying erotic cosmetics will revolutionize your senses in your preliminaries. The idea is to create a unique atmosphere, to embellish your senses in a combination of sensations, thus you will have products to get drunk through the smell, the sight, the touch and the taste.

erotic kits with massage oils and erotic games

2017-09-29 Within these previous thoughts, it is likely that everyone will like the idea of ??knowing the body of our partner, touch it, walk it and also enjoy it, also if this gives us the opportunity to relax by means of a massage and feel completely at taste with your boy or girl, it would be a big mistake not to take the opportunity to enjoy what we commonly know as sensual massages, which end up being erotic massages.