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shunga el divino arte del placer oral x 12 uds
  • shunga el divino arte del placer oral x 12 uds


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Apply the shine to you or the lips of your partner and feel the pleasure of receiving the divine feeling of oral pleasure. The hot and cold lip gloss effect is designed to sensitize and excite both men and women, while intimate areas maintain the level of feeling the brink of orgasm.

Discover the latest in Oral Pleasure.

  • An unforgettable erotic experience

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unforgettable erotic sensations

Shunga is mundia leader in cosmetic Erotica, natural ingredients fused with active ingredients achieve a great result

Enter the world of erotic Shunga is traveling to the past. Translated literally Shunga means spring image ?, a delicate way to say? Sex? between people.

This word was used to describe the Japanese erotic paintings of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century, a guy called ukiyo-e, which were nothing but works on wood or parchment with sensual scenes and episodes of carnal love, always made with great care and good taste.

Shunga art, though hidden for centuries, marked the beginning of the pornography industry for the middle class Japanese and served for generations as education for the sons and daughters of many families.

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